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The Essentials: Wine Tasting Seminar

Mastronardi Estate Winery has an enjoyable and unpretentious environment for you to sip, sniff and comment as you wish!

Learning about wine should be both entertaining and easy to understand.  Together, we will sample 8 very different wines, 4 whites and 4 reds, by exploring the characteristics of each varietal with the use of our senses. Wine specific terms and concepts will be discussed and decoded!

The 1.5 hour wine seminar is to educate and cover the basics. By the end of it you will be able to confidently swirl, swish and chat about wines. You won't be a pro, but you will have a firm understanding of the wine basics. When it comes to wine, it really takes a lifetime to become a master but only a few hours to really get a handle on the essentials.

The Essentials of Wine Tasting
Sundays 1 p.m -2:30 p.m 
$50.58 (Inclusive of HST) includes light fare of various cheeses

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